The law firm used by attorneys, businesses, and individuals all over the world for their legal needs in New York State. With offices in New York City and Syracuse, New York, we can access Courts across the state. From Riverhead to Buffalo, our law firm can assist you with all of your business, family, and personal legal issues. Our services include pre-litigation negotiations, strategic litigation, and appeals. Most of our practice revolves around advising business clients on best practices for formation, employment contracts, litigation strategy, international transactions, business development, acquiring other firms, and raising capital creatively. However, since family and divorce matters can often affect businesses, we provide matrimonial and family representation for clients. Our firm also provides Personal Injury representation and other General Law Practice Services on select matters.

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Full-Service New York Law Firm focused on Business Law, Commercial Litigation, International Transactions, Matrimonial Litigation, Entertainment Law, Personal Injury, Professional Licensing, & Appeals

Complex Litigation

Castro CLAN is focused on matters involving complex litigation where decisions will likely be appealed because the higher courts are divided on issues of the case, or the evidence is voluminous and difficult to comprehend. You can rely on our firm for legal advice and representation on matters in the New York and Federal Courts for complicated business, family, and criminal cases. Small and Solo law firms can also rely on the Castro CLAN for support with complex litigation.


When one of your primary practice areas involves appellate litigation, you end up gaining significant experience while learning from others mistakes. Above that, Castro CLAN can help organize and efficiently communicate complex data in a manner that juries, judges, and opposing counsel understand. When negotiating a matter, above your grasp of leverage and intelligence, clear presentation of the facts and circumstances that can be proven will help you obtain the best settlement.


When the court misapprehends the law or facts, abuses its discretion, is misled to an improper decision, the higher courts are split, or there are any other grounds for Appeal, Castro CLAN is here to provide Appellate Litigation Support. With our own in-house appellate printing and paralegal services team, your appeal will be perfected at a reasonable cost. We are very familiar with the issues and argument styles/approaches needed to overturn bad decisions.

Criminal Law

We can examine your criminal case and help you understand your rights. We have a wide range of expertise in criminal matters, including criminal liability, inchoate crime, offenses committed against a person, crimes against property, crimes against justice, victimless crimes, crimes against animals, and defenses to liability. Additionally, we can assist you in the appeals process related to criminal cases.

Message from our Managing Attorney

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website. Should you as an individual, business entity, or law firm ever find yourself in need of legal support, give us a call. While we mainly deal with commercial matters, you can rely on my team and I to connect you with the attorney best suited to handle your matter when it is out of our practice area. When you come to Castro CLAN, you can rest assured that my team will be dedicated to developing the best plan for you, no matter the situation.


We are available to meet in Manhattan and Syracuse, New York. If you would like to meet outside of these areas, please contact us and we can arrange for a meeting place to discuss your matter.

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